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    Equality Act 2010 and the ACF

    I think he would have to ask cty HQ about that, due to the fact we are not work for the ACF.

    However I am sure all merits will be looked

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    The New Rant Thread

    Sympathy in coming -: O' dear, how sad, what a shame, never mind.

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    The New Rant Thread

    Broken my big toe whilst spectacularly falling down some stairs - no sympathy from a household which has two paramedics living it (ones reaction was:

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    Cadets posting pictures on FB

    That can be assumed. By weapon, I meant weapons outside of cadets/context, knives, realistic imitations etc.

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    Cadets posting pictures on FB

    I can't think of an instance where we would give a cadet a rifle and it wasn't a controlled situation. It is always controlled. A sensible pose with a

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