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    How do you deal with leaving the ACF

    I too only left because I was hitting my 'expiry date'. My time as a cadet was amazing and I didn't feel like I wanted to leave. So I decided to go back

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    Detachment Banners

    Well, you can "float" the crown above the roundel, but that is it.

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    Detachment Banners

    I like the idea of using something local, I think that excellent. And a place for it on your banner would be good (but not over the Crown)

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    Detachment Banners

    I don't like the LI capbadge. It's great that you're proud of where your detachment used yo lie but you are a RIFLES unit now, stick with that or just

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    Detachment Banners

    It is a good start, however if you insist on having both those badges I would reduce their size by 50%. They want to be small, otherwise they overpower

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