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    Strensall - potential venues for Serjeants' Mess Dinner

    My Mess has gone down to one "formal" dinner a year now (due to at least one sub unit being away somewhere through out the year, Christmas is

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    Annual camp 2014!

    It is quite easy to stay warm and dry there, but not warm and dry, and conduct training. Doing a skill at arms lesson wearing waterproofs when it is pouring

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    Annual camp 2014!

    To be fair, the issue kit the Army get now is pretty much top notch, so if you are cold/wet it's your own fault. For cadets it's a different story.

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    Annual camp 2014!

    On a serious note, anyone who believes that needs to get out more!

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    Annual camp 2014!

    If it ain't rain we ain't training!

    On a serious note, there is no such thing as bad weather, just a poor choice of clothing.

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