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    Annual camp 2014!

    Or if, as happened to me a few years back, it gets too hot to do any outdoor training...

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    Annual camp 2014!

    It is good for most things but there is little in the way of indoor space, which means you are screwed if it rains.

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    Annual camp 2014!

    From my conversations with David (feels odd that first name is now acceptable, since I've left!) it seems that we shared the view that it was the training

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    Seniors getting away with stuff

    That's exactly what's happened for me this year. Rather than filling an instructional role, I've near enough run our training each evening, ensuring what

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    Strensall - potential venues for Serjeants' Mess Dinner

    I would say worst_case, that for many in the ACF this is the one occasion of the year they will meat as a County Mess, I think it no bad thing to make

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