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    What to take on a 120 hr exersise

    Ok lads. Nescliff is coming up. Its a while off (late march til early april) but we're going on a practice exersise for 48 hours in about 3 weeks time.

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    Official Pams on a Kindle Etc.

    I have been promised a kindle, but that was a year ago and I'm still waiting.

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    I can't see that they'll need any more fitting than picking a size and adjusting the straps to suit, just like any other helmet.
    Inspecting, well

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    Mk8 (C) helmet? The C denoting cadet use?

    Yep. It is for real, and will be identical to the new Mk8, with the same straps but the shell will

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    Notebook Panel

    I use one of these on my belt kit on the right hip. It keeps everything I need in it, GPS, note pad, cribs, compass', calculator, in-ear ear defenders

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