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    New to ACF - advice welcome

    Mike - I will try to give regular feedback to keep you, and possibly others, in the loop as it were.

    Merlin - I see the evenings being

    DevonDave 27th October 2014, 10:54 Go to last post

    New to ACF - advice welcome

    In my experience, the ACF will require a greater time commitment than the CCF. The ACF will normally require at least one evening a week from you for

    merlin 27th October 2014, 08:10 Go to last post

    Brown British Army patrol boots

    Are those your best boots?
    No Sir, I don't have favourites.

    worst_case 27th October 2014, 00:24 Go to last post

    Brown British Army patrol boots

    In phase one, we had a normal pair of boots for work which were just polished with brushes. We then had best boots that were bulled. (These were black

    wuderz 26th October 2014, 19:45 Go to last post

    New to ACF - advice welcome

    Hi, I'm afraid i have no advice with having only seen the CCF side is life, however moving to the ACF is something I would like to do one day; I'd be

    Mike 26th October 2014, 10:02 Go to last post