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    The New Rave Thread

    Just seen the clip of Russell Brand being pushed into a water fountain. This has made my year. I hate the grotty, attention seeking, hyper active, immature

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    The New Rant Thread

    Things aren't looking good for a mate and former Cambs ACF instructor, whose cancer had spread. Baz and Dougie Birch (RIP) had a huge amount to do with

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    Cadets and Hearing loss

    I find starting each sentence with the word 'haribo' or 'food' tends to work

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    Cadets and Hearing loss

    I've met plenty of cadets with selective hearing.......

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    Cadets and Hearing loss

    We have a young-ish instructor in our company with rather poor hearing. To be honest it hasn't really been a problem, except occasionally when we are

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